Simple Anti Cheat

The First AntiCheat for Bedrock Edition Everyone can Use! Hackers can be really Annoying. No matter if you have a private Server and your Friend is trolling you and hacking on you or if you’re on a Public Server and Hackers ruin your Game. Stop them all. With Simple Anti Cheat.

Simple Anti Cheat [SAC] Has a lot of Features to offer: Fight Back Hackers with Multiple Cheat Detections And other Useful Features:

  • Speed: Players Moving to Fast will automatically set off an alert or/and be „Flagged“ Back
  • Fly: Fly Hackers will also set off an alert or/and be pulled to the Ground and damaged
  • LiquidWalk/Jesus: Hackers can no longer Walk on Water without setting off alerts
  • X-Ray: You will be notified if a Player finds an unusual Amount of Ores.
  • Phase: Hackers won‘t be able to Phase through Blocks anymore
  • Teleport: Hackers won‘t be able to teleport around.
  • KillAura/Aimbot [W.I.P.]: Detects KillAura and Aimbot and damages the Player. [W.I.P.]
  • Ban System: Players can be easily banned by using /tag (player) add TempBan(Time) to Temporarily Ban a Player or even /tag (player) add PermBan to Permanently Ban a Player
  • Excellent Notifications: /function notify/on To be notified about everything: Players Hacking, Players Changing their Gamemode, Even Players being Banned
  • /tag (player) add info will Grant you with all Informations about that Player SAC Has Collected like all Violations (Cheat Detections), Gamemode, Movement, Exemptions, Bans, etc.
  • /tag (player) add SpeedSens(1 | 2 | 3 | 4) – Changes the Sensitivity to trigger Speed Flags (The Higher the more Sensitive) – works with XRaySens, SpeedSens, FlySens & TPSens
And lots more: /function sac/help
When a Hacker gets more than 10 Flags, they will get a Warning Message to turn their Hacks off if Flagging is Enabled
When a Hacker gets more than 15 Flags, they will get Kicked from the game if AutoMod is Enabled.
If Flagging is turned off, This Anticheat is silent meaning People wont notice if it detects them for cheating. Staff however will still get notified if SAC detects Cheats and can examin the Situation themselves.

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Made by d6b.

20 replies on “Simple Anti Cheat”

Can you guys make a video how to install the anti cheat properly?
My problem is that when i put function ac in the command block it spams that the anti cheat will be on and i don’t want that.
Thank you

If your chat is getting spammed, type this command in chat: /gamerule commandblockoutput false. This will mute any chat message a command block makes when it activates. (Unless it has /say or /msg in it)

This is because you have commandblockoutput on. Try typing this command in chat: /gamerule commandblockoutput false. This should mute any command block in chat. (unless it is told to type something in chat or message someone.)
Hope this helped.

Can you tell me how the X-ray detection works? My friend tried X-ray and it worked without any notifications! Also Jesus hacks.

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