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Have you ever wanted multiple Add-Ons run at the same time (Weapons, Mobs, etc.), but they weren‘t compatible? Well, with this addon, this does not happen. Why? Because all the Mobs are actually Vanilla Mobs, changed using just Commands. This Function Pack is compatible with almost every other Add-On and what it does is self-explanatory by the Name.

Get started

To get started, type “/function mm/setup“.

  • Place down the Repeating Command Block
  • Type in the Command “/function moremobs”
  • Set it to “Always Active”

Et Voilà! Enjoy the Pack!

All new Mobs

Dryade: Spirit of a Tree. Turns you into a Tree, wich, if not hurt, will open after 4 Seconds. When no Player is near for 10 Seconds, the Dryade is gonna Hide as a Bush. When player Walks near it, it is gonna reappear. Hostile | Health: Medium (20 HP) | Attack: Medium | Special: Turns enemies into Trees

Ghoul: Looks like a Harmless Villager. But when youre close, three ‘pieces’ of energy are gonna come out of its body to kill you. Hostile | Health: Medium (20 HP) | Attack: High | Special: Attacking Energy

Ender Eye: Flys around naturally, you can Saddle it and if you manage to sit on it, youre gonna have it tamed. You can now fly with it, by holding a Carrot on a stick and looking up or down. When looking straight foward, it is gonna Hover. Neutral | Health: Low (10 HP) | Attack: None | Special: Fly, Tameable, Animated Wings

Ender Garg: Teleports around, can be recognized by the Portal Particles surrounding it. Teleports Hostile mobs around when coming close. If you attack it, it is gonna Attack you. Deals massive Damage. Neutral / Hostile | Health: Very High (100 HP) | Attack: High | Special: Teleport

Villager Swordman: Attacks nearby Hostile Mobs. Friendly | Health: Medium (20 HP) | Attack: High | Special: None

Villager Archer: Shoots Arrows at nearby Hostile Mobs. Friendly | Health: Medium (20 HP) | Attack: Medium | Special: None

Villager Miner: Can mine all stone and ore blocks. Friendly | Health: Medium (20 HP) | Attack: None | Special: Can Mine, Hero of the Village Effect when near

Zombie Miner: Can mine all stone and ore blocks. Hostile | Health: Medium (20 HP) | Attack: Low (Mining Fatigue Effect) | Special: Can Mine, Gives you mining fatigue when attacking you

Zombie Pigman Miner: Can mine all stone and ore blocks. Gets Aggressive when you attack it. Neutral / Hostile | Health: Medium (20 HP) | Attack: Low | Special: Can Mine

Dark Skeleton: Like a Normal Skeleton but Dark. Shoots Wither Arrows. Hostile | Health: Medium (20 HP) | Attack: Medium | Special: Fast, Wither Arrows

Desert Shulker: Like a normal Shulker, but gives Hunger instead of Levitation Hostile | Health: Medium (30 HP) | Attack: Low (Hunger) | Special: None

Jungle Shulker: Like a normal Shulker, but gives Poison instead of Levitation Hostile | Health: Medium (30 HP) | Attack: Medium (Poison) | Special: None

Desert Snake: When bitten, you will get poisoned Hostile | Health: Low (6 HP) |  Attack: Low (Poison) | Special: Death Animation

Scorpion: When stung, you will get a strong Poison Effect Hostile | Health: Low (6 HP) | Attack: Medium (Strong Poison) | Special: Death Animation

Evil Wizard: Can only be killed by dropping a Gold Block directly on to him or luring him over a Gold Block on the Ground. Four different Spells: (1) Fangs on Near Enemies (2) Lightning on Nearby Enimies (3) Summons 4 Fast, But low Lifetime Minions (4) Summons One fast Minion, that leaves a Trail out of Fire. Boss Mob | Health: Unlimited | Attack: Medium (Blindness, Wither) + Four different Spells | Special: Spells, Blindness And Wither when Hit, Minions, Can only be killed with Gold

Demon: Shoots Arrows that will set Fire wherever they land. Summons in 4 Lost Souls that will also set you on Fire. Hostile | Health: Medium (20 HP) | Attack: Medium (Fire Arrows) | Special: Shoots Fire Arrows, Summons in Lost Souls that will set you on Fire

Lost Soul: Flying Skull. Sets you on Fire when you get too close. Hostile | Health: Low (6-20 HP)  |  Attack: Low (Fire)  | Special: Sets Players on Fire that get too close.

Ogre: Spawns in Caves or in Plains Biomes. Has a Bone and a Skull on its Head. Hostile | Health: Medium (20 HP) | Attack: Low | Special: None

Zombie Soldier: Can spawn in All Biomes containing Grass. Wields an Iron Axe. Hostile | Health: Medium (20 HP) | Attack: Medium | Special: None

Goblin: Can Spawn in All Biomes. Has a Golden Sword and moves Super Fast. Hostile | Health: Medium (20 HP) | Attack: Medium | Special: Fast

Juggernaut: Can Spawn in All Biomes. Heavily Armored but very Slow. Has an Iron Sword. Hostile | Health: Medium (26 HP) | Attack: Medium | Special: Heavy Armor

Made by d6b.

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