Steal your friends items, troll them, and more, but do it all unseen. Using SuperVanish, you can completely Vanish from one second to the other. When imported into a World, just Type /function v to Vanish or Unvanish. You can see through Walls, walk through the Smallest Spaces, such as the Space between a Chest and a Wall and even Look through one Block above your head.

Once Installed to your world as seen down below, all you have to do is type /function v or -vanish to Vanish…

…or Unvanish again. When Vanished, you can troll your Friends, steal their Items and watch Hackers – but do it all unseen.

See through blocks – just walk up to them.

Walk in very Small Spaces, such as the Space between a Chest and a Wall

All your Armor and Items are fully Invisible

No Setup Required

©2020. All Rights Reserved.

Made by d6b


  • Download the Addon/Plugin
  • Click „Open in Minecraft“
  • Go to Minecraft > Your World > Behaviour Packs
  • Click on the Pack, then click „Activate“
  • And Enter your World
  • /function v to Vanish/Unvanish


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