Be everything you want, it just takes a simple command. Troll your friends, hide as a mob and more. With this disguise plugin/addon, you can be any normal Minecraft creature, all it takes is a simple command.


Once installed (Guide at the Bottom) into your World, type the Command “/function dg/setup” or “/function disguise/setup” in Chat. You will get a Repeating Command Block, place it down and type the Command “/function disguise” in the Repeating Command Block, then, set it to Always Active. If you get a Message in Chat, everything works.

Once Setup, to Disguise, type “/function dg/(Mob you wanna be)” in Chat and everything should work.


  • No Message After Setup: If you don’t get the Message after Setup, you might wanna check if Command Blocks are enabled. Do that with “/gamerule commandblocksenabled true”.
  • It just Spawns the Mob on me: Means that you haven’t Set it up Correctly. You are not supposed to type the Command into a Command Block, but in Chat
  • If it still does not work, try typing “/function d”, but don’t send the Message. If it shows you a list of available Functions, everything should work, if not, remove the Pack and Reinstall it to your World.

I hope this was helpful and you Enjoy the Pack  🙂

  • When disguising as a rideable Entity such as Minecart, Boat, Horse, Pig, etc. don‘t try to ride your disguise. Otherwise you‘ll fly up in the sky and die. (In survival mode)

To undisguise, type /function dg/off or /function disguise/off

Mobs it does not quite work with:

  • Enderdragon 
  • Xp Orb 
  • XP Bottle 
  • Arrow (Only Works in Creative)
  • Pufferfish (Only Works in Creative)

Made by d6b.

©2020. All Rights Reserved.


  • Download the Addon/Plugin
  • Click „Open in Minecraft“
  • Go to Minecraft > Your World > Behaviour Packs
  • Click on the Pack, then click „Activate
  • And Enter your World
  • Et Voilà, Have Fun!


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This was helpful. I am creating a Minecraft Pack that will contain a collection of Dream & GeorgeNotFound’s Minecraft stuff. As they do those things for Java Edition only. Maybe we can work together? I do know that you make a lot of addons for people. Thanks again!

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