Admin Function Commands

Disguise, Vanish, Troll, Edit Terrain, Ban People and much more, all in one pack and all it takes, is a simple command. This is a Compilation of lots of useful Commands of all sorts, all packed into one Pack. Made by d6b

To get started, type “/function setup“. You will get a Repeating Command Block. Place it down, then type in the Command “/function core” and set it to Always Active.

For a list of all Commands, type “/function help“.


Lots of useful Commands such as 

  • “/function fly” to turn Fly on or off in Survival Mode (Education Edition ON)
  • “/function god” to turn on or off God Mode and get Invincible but unable to hurt anybody else either
  • “/function feed” & “/function heal” to Heal or Feed yourself
    All of these also work as a /tag; “/tag (player) add fly“, “/tag (player) add feed“, etc.
  • “/function chunkup” Teleports the Chunk you are in above your Head
  • “/function desert” turns the Area around you into a Desert


Disguise: be anything you want, just type “/function dg/(Mob you wanna be)“


To Enter or Leave TerrainEdit Mode, type “/function terrainedit“. Now, when you drop any Item in your Hotbar, you will be “Editing Terrain” with this Item. To Change your Range, type “/function range/(5 | 10 | 20)” and to change the Brush Size, type “/function brush/(1 | 3 | 5 | 10)“


To Freeze a Player, type “/tag (player) add moveban“

To TempBan a Player, type “/tag (player) add tempban“

To Permanently Ban a Player, type “/tag (player) I add permban“. When they join your World/Server, they will be stuck in an Infinite World Loading Loop


To Vanish or Unvanish, type “/function v” or “/function vanish“. When in Vanish, you are Completely Invisible.


Nukes, C4 and Landmines! To place a Nuke, type “/function nuke/place” and to detonate it, type “/function nuke/detonate“. Same for C4. To place a Landmine, type “/function landmine“. It will detonate once another player walks over it, if that player has never placed one before.

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To Use this pack in your world/realm/server, download the .mcpack file from the link below, then, click „import to Minecraft“. When in Minecraft, go to your World-Settings > Behaviour Packs, then Click on the Icon and click „Activate“. When joining your world again, you just have to Set it up, et voilà, youre done. Have Fun!


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Is this add-on suppose to add crafting recipes of uncradtable items? If yes can this be optional or tweakable from a command?

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