If you ever thought, its Hard to find those Diamonds or Caves, Or you are playing on a Server but you can’t find any Bases, Fear no more! Just use X-Ray. Its Easy to Install and Customise with Lots of Different Variants


To get it working, Install the Pack (seen in the Installation Guide at the Bottom) and then click the little gear for the Texture Pack options.

You can Easily Change the Type of X-Ray using the Slider. There currently are 16 different Variants, maybe ill add more in the Future.


X-Ray is not Importing (iOS)

X-Ray doesn’t work (All Platforms)

Sometimes, you have to restart your Game for X-Ray to Work properly.

Made by d6b

©2020. All Rights Reserved.


– use at your own risk; on some servers, using xray is punishable.

– i do not take Responsibility for any punishments occuring due to illegal use of this or any X-Ray packs


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So this is how adfly works. First wait for the 5 seconds countdown. After its done click on skip which will open a popup. Dont close that popup! It will ask for notification permission between 2-5 times. Deny that every time. Then you’ll be redirected to the download link. All you need is a bit of patience.

Um in the tutorial video I cant find that green link under the downloads that u pressed to download it

So this is how adfly works. First wait for the 5 seconds countdown. After its done click on skip which will open a popup. Dont close that popup! It will ask for notification permission between 2-5 times. Deny that every time. Then you’ll be redirected to the download link. All you need is a bit of patience.

Hey d6b I keep trying to download but it keeps sending me to random slot game websites and not actually letting me download plz help

I’m having the same problem. I’m trying safari right now instead of google then I’ll try internet explorer if it doesn’t work

Hey d6b when I try downloading this it says this in minecraft “Unable to parse pack manifest with stack: *Line 85, Column 20 Missing ‘,’ or ‘]’ in array declaration” Don’t know what it means but is there a way to fix this?

Windows 10, Bedrock 1.14.60
Error: Unable to parse pack manifest with stack: * Line 85, Column 20
Missing ‘,’ or ‘]’ in array declaration

It’s also listing the pack ID as
give or take a zero. Don’t know if that’s part of the issue or not.

Could I have the MediaFire link? This this don’t work. I would appreciate any help.

anyone have a problem with downloading it? I’ve clicked the adfly about 20 times and when i click skip ad it just keeps saying webpage not found 🙁

So we installed your texture pack just how you said to and it didnt work at all. We had got to the stage of activating and changing it so we could see through all overworld blocks but didnt work. We tried a couple of the options and didnt work. So i dont know if its a problem with your texture pack or its ours.

Listen it was working. I turned it off to ya know see blocks again. Went to turn it back on and it’s not working at all. I’ve reset the game, ive turned it off, closed the game, reopened then re applied the pack, didn’t work. Reset my computer, didn’t work. Uninstalled, closed the game and reinstalled. Nothing. I don’t understand how tf shit just doesn’t work after it was working fine. Also made sure that it wasn’t on the default no xray mode.

When I click the download button to download the mod, it keeps redirecting me to something else. I’ve been clicking the link over and over and it keeps redirecting me to the same page. Can you fix this? Thanks if you do.

this doesnt work as i am on a laptop it is just a loop and i’m never going to let send me notifications so there has to be a different way to download this.

Hey this is a bit of a feature request can you possibly out line the stone so I don’t fall and die to lava

Pretty disappointed. Have used the add-on in the past and it was great. Got a new phone and wanted to add it but the download through addfly requires you to subscribe to a calendar (unknown if malicious) and never received a link to the file. I now have a malicious calendar I CANNOT REMOVE. I will have to factory reset my phone to remove the calendar as the normal options for removal are not there at all.

It wount let me download it. I’m on IOS but all the button to download it does is take me to websites that don’t even go with the Xray. Can I help?

Hey d6b, when I tried downloading the pack Norton instantly said that it was not safe to download the pack and it said that it blocked malicious software from infecting my computer. Is the download site a virus or is the pack a virus.

I ran into a problem with the link.
Instead of giving me the download link it takes me directly to the adfly website itself. Other than that great job!

The download button doesnt work, it brings me to adfly where i have to “subscribe to continue” i hit yes and no and it still didnt work

When I try to get it on the ps4 it puts on cached data but I cant find on my texture packs how do I fix this?

Hey man, the download doesnt work it just keeps sending to some random adfly place, someone please help am very stupid

Hey uh, that skin as your profile picture, that’s clearly just a skin I made but someone made the hair rainbow.

when i click skip ad on ad fly it dose not start the download it just takes me to the ad fly website

Hey how would i put this into my global resources on Xbox? Im trying to use it on a realm but i cant figure out to put it into global resources. Please help!

hi when i downloaded the file it went to minecraft- but it said failed to import and that it didn’t work. any tips on how to make it work??

For some reason, it doesn’t make netherrack invisble, is this an issue with minecraft or the pack?

Hey d6b the linkvertise is not working whenever i got to the website i dont have premium so i do the article thingy and when im done its sends me to about:blank

when i try to download it immediately sends me to this place called “Linkvertise”. And supposedly i need a premium account. help please?

you need to fix the download link no one can use it I used this on my laptop just a few weeks ago and now that you changed it.. it will not download I bet you will never read this but if you do you need to fix this for the people who want to support you

Hi d6b I am using my phone and when I am clicking on the link to go to adfly and everything it is not taking me to adfly it is taking me to some website called linkvertise how do i solve this??

Is it me or when I set the mode to search for netherite, all it shows me are nether gold ore and the quartz ore. If it’s me then how do you fix it?

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